Mireille Harper – Editorial Director at Bluebird and One Boat

Over the past five years, I’ve worked in non-fiction editorial across Trapeze, Octopus Books, Square Peg and Bluebird & One Boat, where I’m currently Editorial Director. I commission and edit books, as well as supporting and working closely with the team in the development and expansion of the list. I am keen to work on topical narrative non-fiction, books which drive conversations, inspire us to take action and make positive changes to our lives.

I’m also a freelance writer, editor, sensitivity reader and PR/comms consultant. I’ve worked with Dorling Kindersley for the past three years and I’m the author of Timelines from Black History and have contributed to Timelines of EveryoneThe Black History Book and Migrations.

Find out more about my work here: https://mireillecharper.carrd.co/

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