Joelle Owusu – Commissioning Editor at Coronet

I’m Joelle, a Commissioning Editor for Coronet (Hodder & Stoughton), mainly publishing nonfiction, with a focus on popular science, memoir, lifestyle and pop culture.
After completing a BSc in Petroleum Geology, I left to pursue my dream career in Publishing.

My career started as an Editorial/Publicity Intern and then a Commissioning Editor at Unbound. There, I commissioned a wide range of books including How to Come Alive AgainTHIS PARTY’S DEADEnding the Pursuit: Asexuality, Aromanticism, and Agender IdentityCut from the Same ClothThe Boy From Boskovice, and How to Glitter a Turd.

I’ve given talks and lectures and panels at Bare Lit Festival, SYP, Cheltenham Literary Festival, Edinburgh Book Festival, and Black Cultural Archives, amongst others. I’ve also been a regular book contributor on BBC Radio 5 Live since 2019.

Outside of publishing, I read (surprise, surprise!), write, spin cycle, love Black pop culture and make resin artwork!

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