Aje Roberts – Assistant Editor at Quercus Books

Ajebowale Roberts is an assistant editor at Quercus Books, a publishing division of Hachette UK. Aje is part of the Quercus Fiction team and works on both commercial fiction and SFF at Jo Fletcher Books. She joined Quercus in January 2021. Aje was part of the Onyx Magazine Team ’20-’21 as Deputy Editor of Editorial. During her time at Onyx, she helped oversee the launch of the blog, led the largest editorial team yet and helped to guide the editorial team to edit and contribute to the third print magazine III:TRANSCEND. Before that, she worked as an Editorial Assistant, dealing with commercial fiction at Century and Arrow for almost two years, an imprint of Cornerstone, a publishing house part of Penguin Random House UK. Aje also completed internships at Oneworld publishing, HQ, an imprint of HarperCollins UK and Bloomsbury publishing.

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